2008: a triathlete is born

-Cazenovia Olympic Triathlon. Cazenovia, NY: 2:48:43

2009: the obsession grows

Green Lakes Sprint Triathlon. Syracuse, NY: 1:23:18

-Cazenovia Sprint Triathlon. Cazenovia, NY: 1:29:11

-K-Town Tri (Long Course). Kingston, ON: 4:26:14

2010: year of transitions

-San Diego Triathlon Classic. San Diego, CA: 2:36:51

-Numerous San Diego Tri Club races

2011: finding my stride

-Ironman Oceanside 70.3: 5:30:31 (41:21/2:47:47/1:55:32)

-Abu Dhabi International Triathlon (Long Course): 4:28:04

-Encinitas Sprint Triathlon, Encinitas, CA: 1:21:53

-Orangeman Triathlon (half-distance): 5:44:21 (37:30/2:53/2:08–run course was 1 mile too long!)

2012: you are an Ironman! … and TT love

-Fiesta Island Spring Time Trial Series: 30:45 (Feb 5); 30:15 (March 4); 29:36 (May 15)

-Encinitas Sprint Triathlon, Encinitas, CA: 1:13:33

-Wildflower Long Course Triathlon: 5:34:37 (36:30/2:54/1:57)

-Ironman 70.3 Hawaii: 5:26:14 (37:16/2:48/1:54)

-Ironman Mont-Tremblant: 11:19:00 (1:12/5:38/4:17)

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