chocolate mousse for the skeptic

Enter the chocolate mousse. Not something I crave on a regular basis or would order at a restaurant. Those priviledges usually go to other treatsĀ I deem more worthy of my love than a bowl of whipped chocolate.

But when dippable chocolate is placed in front of me, especially accompanied by the fresh berries of summer, I am no fool. When I tried this mousse at a party earlier this summer, I was pleasantly surprised by its fondue-esque debut on my dessert radar. Why had I strayed from the mousse for so long?

The second surprise of the evening came when the mousse-maker shared her secret. An ingredient so unlikely in such a dessert that I just refused to believe it. Surely there had to be cream in this dip? Cream cheese? Butter? Eggs? Milk?

Guess again, ingredient sleuth.

The bowl of chocolate indulgence had come to me from none other than the Goddess of the Bean. Not the black bean or the kidney bean, but the soy bean. The very thing that brings me edamame, soy milk, and, you guessed it, Tofu.

So now that I’ve turned you off completely from ever making this mousse and sending you straight to a more chic, French, and bigscreen-worthy recipe such as this one, I’ll type out the recipe for those who have tried it and know that low-fat, protein-rich silken tofu can stand in once in awhile for all those indulgence that make life worth living. It’s your dessert: you decide.

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