matcha tea cakes

After indulging in a round of excellent sushi, there’s nothing I appreciate more than the nutty finish of a palm-sized mug of green tea. From genmaicha to gunpowder, green tea chases dynamites, bakudans and spicy tuna like nothing else on the market. It’s kind of like cappuccino after a great plate of pasta. It just works.


That’s why I decided to make these green tea cupcakes for our sushi soiree last Friday. I’ve tried a few recipes and wanted to share the best ones I’ve found. They’re moist and light and boast a shade of jade that commands attention rather than being unappetizing. (I didn’t have our good camera at the party so if you’re disagreeing with that statement, please envision a grassy hue…there you go, perfect.) Keep in mind they also pack a punch of caffeine: not to be consumed while operating heavy machinery.

I didn’t have time to whip up the matching icing, so I used a container of leftover chocolate pudding, whipped cream and cinnamon. Accompanied by Mel’s mochi ice cream (new sen-SA-tions in and of themselves), these will heretofore be my chief post-sushi craving.

Because it’s crucial to understand the context of something as esoteric as the revered cake-in-a-cup, following are some pictures of the events leading up to said cupcake-mochi extravaganza:

Our resident fishmonger expertly skinning salmon; I’ll snare ya an skin ye biys!
The women slaving away for their sailors (though the personal pay off wasn’t half bad)
This was top-tier stuff

These little cakes would be a decadent enough item for a refined luncheon (such a funny word) or wild enough for a St. Paddy’s day green-themed party. Take your pick. When it comes to green cupcakes, it’s really all in the decorating.

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