sweet somethings

Yesterday my friend came over to make the best kind of valentines: edible ones. I had a promise to fulfill to a friend, and so I decided on mini cheesecakes. Inspired by a Martha recipe for raspberry-almond financiers (check out the link, they are adorable), I decided to add a heart of jam.

First you whip up the batter (now how could a girl have anything but a perfect V-day with 4 packages of cream cheese softening in her hands?). Then you pop a little ‘Nilla Wafer in the bottom. My friend was incredulous that I hadn’t heard of these great American delicacies. My my, the culinary treasures we have yet to discover in this grand country.


Then you pour in the batter, and drop a bit of raspberry jam on top, near the edge. Using the tip of a paring knife, you simply draw a line through the center of the drop of jam, forming a heart.


They got a little crackled when they were subject to the heat of the oven, but I still accepted them. I doctored them up a little with fresh jam, trying as I may to fix the broken hearts.¬†They could’ve been a little softer, and so next time I’d actually follow the original 20 minutes baking time.¬†


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