bread and chocolate

Thanks, Theo chocolate, for making a cold and rainy night momentarily warmer. After a long afternoon in front of an computer screen, the wet streets seeming to have seeped up into my bones, I was not feeling inclined to bliss as I stood in the organic chocolate aisle.


But such things sneak up and steal you away from your supper-hour somnolence: A bar that is exquisitely fashioned from the best ingredients, nothing Hershey’s or Cadbury-esque about it, boasting, paradoxically, a commonplace surprise: bread.

I’ve tried my fair share of vanguard chocolate bars. Applewood bacon. Curry. Hemp seeds. Each one quite novel, but then I find I still prefer the simplicity of good, plain dark chocolate. But this, this was novel with such subtlety that it must be French. I turned over the bar and sure enough, French bread was right there in the ingredients list, along with sea salt and the other usual suspects.


I’m a softie for salty crunch, and in this case, when paired with silky, rich 65% cacao chocolate, divine things happen. The flakes of artisan bread in this bar grant just the right amount of crunch to take texture to new levels in the realm of chocolate. As far as taste the chocolate stands firm; it will not be overwhelmed.

Do yourself a favor and get your hands on this bar. It’s definitely going into my chocolate repertoire so that I shan’t forget the way it ushered me into October.

Oh, and if that weren’t enough there’s a cat on the front. Two cats. Theo, you’ve done it again.


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