Happy 5000 to me, Happy 5000 to me, Happy 5000 to me-eeeeeee, Happy 5000 to me! (for maximum effect, sing to the tune of Happy Birthday).

The rumors are true: freshcrackedpepper has been visited 5000 times in 3 months, not counting our household’s own visits. A HUGE thank you to everyone for supporting this small endeavor to share my kitchen and my life. If it’s any indication, my other blog has been around for 2 and a half years and has just over that many visits. I stand encouraged.

In addition to self-publishing, the Internet has also made it possible to find out how people find you. When a website receives visitors, it is possible to track information about them — not their names but their general location and search terms they used to find the site. And so, in celebration of my big 5000, I wanted to share a David Lettermanesque Top Ten of some of the Google searches that directed visitors here. These have provided great entertainment around our household. I also have a comic to share, the hilarity of which might only be fully appreciated by other bloggers. (One of which who deserves credit for providing it.)

Without further ado, Ladies and Gentlemen,

I present to you the Top Ten (verbatim) Google searches leading people to freshcrackedpepper.com!

10) over mixing problems with quick breads (ok, this one’s legit)

9) sumatra tarbarita peaberry (someone actually searched the specific bean name? must be geeks like us)

8 ) recipes you can make with 3 bananas (gotta hand it to them for the narrow search terms)

7) kombucha earthy smell (not sure if that’s a good thing)

6) rice arborio autobiography (I didn’t know rice had such a story to tell! or could write, for that matter)

5) monarch pass law hot cross buns (huh?)

4) roast chicken vegetarian (someone needs to re-evaluate their vegetarianism)

3) westcott canola spray (our street has it’s own brand of canola oil spray? Now that’s eating local!)

2) cracked pepper gives you gas (my, that’s unfortunate. Beano, anyone?)

and the number 1 Verbatim Google Search leading people to freshcrackedpepper.com:

1) christian couples theme parties (and I thought they were more resourceful than that — what’s wrong with Bible studies and board games?)

And now for the comic . . . hilarious because it’s somehow (and ever so sadly) true.

courtesy of xkcd.com


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