all bottled up

My Kombucha is only 4 days away from sparkly refreshing goodness. The pH reading yesterday registered a healthy 3.0, tasting pretty darn good as well. It needs to be bottled for about 5 days however for it to develop its characteristic fizz, so now I just wait patiently. In the process I’m reminded of how much I like slow food; food, beverages, and whole cuisines that take time are the ultimate antidote to our processed-food craze.

Aren’t they pretty? Strangely, they remind me of the way gas is sold in West Africa — all lined up in variously shaped bottles on the roadside.

We don’t drink Arizona Iced tea, but bought a 12-pack yesterday just for the bottles. A strange reversal indeed; we bought the product for the part most people discard. But it was either that or rummaging around in recycling bins, and I just didn’t have the energy.

It was a really interesting thing to watch, this whole Kombucha thing. The big culture that I started out with in the vat eventually “produced” a new one on top. Some people call this new culture a “baby,” and it provides the basis for the “gift that keeps on giving” nature of the drink. Like sourdough, the culture just keeps going and going . . .

I’ll keep the posts coming about my trials and errors in Kombucha-land!


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