chomp on these

At social gatherings lately it seems there’s always one show-off. We don’t get out to eat a lot, and so when I hear tell of a place worth checking out, my stomach— hungry or not— immediately perks up. There’s always one, “you’ve never been to (insert name of life-changing restaurant)? You have to go…” You get the point.

Now it’s my turn to share a find: CNY Menus. The decor is a bit lacking, but they do have the most delicious list of Syracuse-area restaurants I’ve found yet. Next time you’re wondering where to go to eat in Syracuse or the surrounding area, do check out this site. It might just save you from the bad burger blues. Most of the restaurant entries come with pdf’s or links to menus.

For no extra charge, I wanted to also share a website that has been very informative for me lately: The World’s Healthiest Foods. With no commercial influence, the foundation offers relatively unbiased advice on nutrition and health. Wondering why avocado is just so darn good for you? This website will tell you more than you’ll ever need to know about any healthy food. Best of all, the foods they feature are all whole, “real” foods. From their website, they seek to “offer the latest scientific information about the benefits of the World’s Healthiest Foods and the specific nutrients they provide… we offer practical, simple and affordable ways to enjoy them that fit your individual lifestyle.”

That’s all folks. Hope I’ve been of some service, whether you’re a Central New Yorker or a health nut. Or both. Like me. For now anyway.


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